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Frequently Asked Questions


I want to take several of your products. How many can I take at once?

The artistry within Chinese herbal medicine is related to the symbiosis between the ingredients and how each medicinal herb interacts with the other herbs in the formula. To retain this sacred balance, our formulas should be taken separately, waiting at least 20 minutes between doses of different formulas. The only exception is STOMACH CHI, which can be taken at the same time as any other formula or any other supplement given that it supports digestion.

Why aren’t your herbs grown in the USA?

We source authentic raw materials from their indigenous regions in Asia. Cultivating herbs in their native regions, where the biodiversity, microclimate and soil conditions influence their species-specific constituents such as polysaccharides and amino acids, is critical to optimize their medicinal benefits and potency. 

Are your formulas safe for children to take?

Every one of the Snap Dynasty Herb Company™ formulas can be taken by all ages- the only modification is the dosage. For children under age 12, we recommend starting low, children tend to shift quickly and you may be surprised at how few doses it takes to notice a change.

If you are using capsules, start with 1 capsule and increase gradually. For the powder, start with 1/8 teaspoon and increase gradually. Each formula has a unique maximum daily dose, detailed on the label.

My child won’t take capsules. How can I get them to take the powder?

Children who cannot yet swallow capsules can take the powdered version (the capsules can also be opened) to mix with warm water or any other liquid. We have even heard of parents mixing it with applesauce, apple juice,  chocolate milk or one suggestion that we found brilliant was combining the powdered herbs with melted chocolate chips and then refrigerating it to make a special, herbal treat. We always advocate for encouraging children to experience the authentic flavor of the tea and creating a tea-time ritual.


Can I take your formulas while pregnant or nursing?

Chi’ll Out, Snap Into Motion Lower, Snap Into Motion Upper and Passion Snap are all contraindicated during pregnancy. None of the formulas are contraindicated while nursing.

How long will it take for the formula to have an effect?

It varies, depending on your constitution, the issue being addressed and proper dosing.  Traditional Chinese Medicine places a lot of emphasis on depth, which relates to the length of time the issue has been a concern and its severity.  Sudden-onset concerns tend to respond to small, frequent doses while ongoing challenges require consistency with fewer doses. Each of our formulas offer two ways to take them that allow you to match the dosing with the progression of your concerns. To achieve optimal effects, commitment is key.

Do you offer discounts?

We always have a coupon code for first-time orders. The best way to learn about occasional specials is to sign up to receive our emails. We also offer a subscription program, where you get a discount for subscribing to receive a regular shipment of your favorite products at your desired interval. 

Do you offer wholesale accounts?

Yes. We offer wholesale accounts for resale: retail stores, medical practices, yoga studios, pet stores. Apply here


What is your Return Policy?

Please contact us at 800-344-2466 or if you are dissatisfied with a product. We can issue a refund if your purchase was made within 30 days of your order, substitute a different formula or perhaps provide insight about how to be more successful with a formula.

How do I manage my Subscriptions?

Visit our Subscription Management page to update or cancel your subscription.