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Product Quality & Safety

Efficacy and authenticity are the core of Snap Dynasty Herb Company, our safety and quality standards are some of the top in the world and have always been a source of pride. In addition to the meticulous testing done on our raw materials, we use the bare minimum other ingredients.  

Our traditional Chinese medicine herbal supplements are made with the highest intentions and the best quality practices because our reputation and the products' efficacy rely on it. We are proud that our products' reputation speak for themselves, and we're grateful to offer such high quality herbal products to people who want the best quality and all the benefits to their health and well being.

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We employ the following methods to ensure that our formulas deliver nothing but good health to your body: 

  • We do not use any controversial medicinals in our raw materials and they are all deemed safe for human consumption with benefits that have been established over hundreds, and in most cases thousands of years. 
  • Our manufacturing facility is GMP-certified. GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, certification ensures that our production facilities use industry best practices. GMP manufacturers are registered with the FDA and must follow regulations that the FDA enforces. While the FDA doesn't officially approve any dietary supplements, GMP-certification ensures that FDA has approved our manufacturing process. 
  • Each formula label details specific contraindications regarding prescription medications or health conditions. These contraindications relate to the action of the formula as a whole. We suggest you consult a medical professional prior to taking our formulas to discuss any specific concerns. 
  • Most of our raw materials are not at risk of being GMO. We request non-GMO proof from any suppliers for all at-risk ingredients. 
  • Corn starch is used as an excipient binder to reduce moisture content and reduce clumping. We use the minimal amount and it is non-GMO, imported from Belgium. 
  • Our capsules are made from grass-fed, non-GMO bovine gelatin. 
  • Our tablets contain less than 0.1% Magnesium Stearate, used as a hardener to limit tablet breakage.
  • Before production the lab examines and qualifies all raw materials with the use of TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)  identification and HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)  quantitative analysis. 
  • After certifying that all ingredients are genuine and nothing has been substituted, they undergo microbial examination, plasticizer inspection, and heavy metal and residual pesticide detection. Before beginning processing all ingredients are tested for aflatoxins, aristolochic acid and sulfur dioxide testing is all completed.
  • After cooking, decoction/extraction and fluid-bed granulation, our formulas undergo a quality control check and are tested again for heavy metals and pesticides. 
  • After the fully automated packaging process, each batch number, as well as the manufactured and expiration dates are put on the bottle.
  • A quality assurance check is then executed. Bottles are randomly selected, visually inspected and tested one last time for pesticides and heavy metals. If anything is found in this final quality assurance check, the entire batch is discarded.


Snap Dynasty Herb Company

Reviews of Cold Snap

Snap Dynasty Herbal Formula - Cold Snap

"Never go without it!"

"I have relied on Cold Snap for many years, and only get sick if I don't have any on hand or have gotten infected with a more serious illness. I refer Cold Snap to everyone and give it as gifts to family members."


"Fabulous product"

"I love this product. I can't count how many colds, etc., I've avoided over the years because I've taken Cold Snap in time."


"I use it everyday, and I give travel packs away"

"I use it daily to keep my immune system high, and if someone is not feeling great, I offer them a travel pack. I carry it with me everywhere. It's a great product and I stay healthy, and so do my clients. No getting sick, it works."


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