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About the Snap Dynasty Herb Company

 Snap Dynasty Herb Company™ was originally founded by a true master of Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas, and to this day the Snap Dynasty Herb Company continues to be run by a team led with advanced degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Our herbal formulas and management team stay true to the roots and ancient values of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a time-tested ancient medical practice. Our products are a prime example of ancient wisdom for modern times. 

Snap Dynasty Herb Company


What We Stand For

At Snap Dynasty Herb Company™, we use ancient wisdom in our approach to supporting modern health concerns. Our contemporary interpretations of classic formulas rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine have provided a route to good health that is accessible, affordable and safe for people of all ages. Safety and quality are always at the forefront of our product formulations.

Snap Dynasty Herb Company


Our Legacy

Our legacy was built on expanding the accessibility of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the retail market. In 1994, Hannah & Donn Hayes founded Snap Dynasty Herb Company, originally called OHCO/Oriental Herb Company, in the foothills west of Denver, Colorado. Donn was one of the first American practitioners of TCM and had a steady stream of patients who regularly requested that he make his patient-specific herbal formulations available to their friends, relatives, or neighbors. But that’s not how TCM normally works. It’s not “one size fits all.” Or can it be sometimes?

Given the commonality of our modern stressors and lifestyles, Hannah recognized the opportunity to bring Donn’s formulas to the retail market. They were unwilling to make anything available to the public that couldn’t benefit most of the people, most of the time, when taken correctly. Their decisions were intentional and our seven Snap Dynasty Herb Company™ formulas were meticulously tested for efficacy among a large sample size. 

Ready to experience the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine? Explore our product catalog and become empowered in your health today.

Snap Dynasty Herb Company


Executive Leadership

Jennifer Pillari - President and CEO of Snap Dynasty Herb Company

Jennifer Pillari
President & CEO

Jennifer has her Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, Colorado since 2006. During her time as a student, the original Cold Snap already existed, and she would consistently recommend Cold Snap to her patients in the student clinic. Shortly after graduation, she got a job working for what she thought of as “The Cold Snap Company” and quickly learned about the other formulas. In 2013, she bought Snap Dynasty Herb Company from the founders and took over as President. Jennifer also has a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Boston College. Outside of work, her time is spent chasing around her three children and exercising whenever possible.


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