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Article: Learn Why A Spoonful of Sugar is not Good Medicine

Learn Why A Spoonful of Sugar is not Good Medicine

A spoonful of sugar does not help the medicine; it has demolished our ability to tolerate natural flavors.

One of the most common complaints we hear in regards to our powder formulas is that they are ‘nasty’. This article is not intended to convince you that they taste like candy. It’s intended to help you remember that all things beneficial are not always sweet. Chugging a shot glass of herbal tea is not as horrifying as the minds of Jane & Michael Banks would have us believe. If we were advertising the wonders of drinking Cinzano bitters beneath a parasol in the hot St. Tropez sun, most of us would not only tolerate it, we’d enjoy it! Moreover, if people had to actually taste antibiotics, the prescribing of them would diminish practically throughout the entire population of Amoxicillin pounding patients.

The point being, our perspectives, in terms of health, have been seriously altered from our best interest. OHCO invites you to consider the cultural impact that believing medicine has to have a particular flavor has had on our well being. Tasting herbs is actually a very interesting study of being in touch with Nature’s effort to keep us rooted in Spirit.

For optimal health, from an herbal perspective, we strongly suggest drinking our herbs when you are home. Experience them. Keep the capsules on hand when you are out and about, in your pocket or in your bag. There’s nothing more effective than taking ColdSnap within minutes of exposure to evil pathogenic influences. While in public, should someone sneeze near you, take a few capsules immediately. If the store is out of sanitizing wipes when you grab your shopping cart, pop a few caps. As you enter the airport, take a few caps of ColdSnap every hour while in transit. When you are home and near hot water, drink the tea. Herbs are amazing teachers.

The powder formulas are the strongest medicine of OHCO’s medicine cabinet army. They are absorbed by the body faster resulting in greater efficacy. Making this a trend in your health regimen, will support you now through the fall and winter months.

The taste may be atrocious to your awakening tastebuds, but come spring, you’ll be singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at the top of your award winning lungs.


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