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Article: Why We Love Stomach Chi

Why We Love Stomach Chi

Stomach Chi is named in reference to the traditional manner in which quality of life is measured. "Stomach Qi" is an ancient medical phrase similar to the modern idea of 'character' or 'presence'. For example, when we meet people who fascinate us, or capture our imagination by inspiring great acts we might say "that person has a lot of character". We notice them because of their strength and individuated personality. In Chinese medicine, this same type of radiance is reflected in the statement "Stomach Qi". We would say: "Wow! That TED talk was loaded with Stomach Qi", "the author of this book has really strong Stomach Qi" or "I'm really interested in what that person has to say because they have great Stomach Qi". Because those who inspire us have a certain dynamic quality about them, we can theoretically say that they have a certain kind of fire that propels them forth in their various missions. Their ability to aspire to and reach great goals is a reflection of that fire, or, the quality of their 'Stomach Qi'. 

In Chinese medical thought, strong Stomach Qi depends on a digestive system that functions really well. The digestive system is at the root of many critical functions in the human body. Those functions are all supplemented by and depend on the quality of stomach qi produced by the digestive system. Our formula Stomach Chi works along these lines to strengthen, nourish and regulate the digestive system in a manner that most efficiently allows it to produce healthy and strong Stomach Qi.  In order to be a fully operational human being that supports from the center and inspires those around to grow, Stomach Qi must be cultivated and maintained.

It is not enough to liken our Stomach Chi formula to probiotic or digestive enzymes even though it serves those functions. Stomach Chi expands on the probiotic and enzymatic processes because it strengthens and optimizes one of the most fundamental operational centers in the body, namely the digestive system. This vital center allows us to live the life we were designed to live in the best way possible. In order to serve this mission, the digestive system must operate at peak performance and Stomach Chi supports this function. If we were to compare your body to a great engine, then introducing Stomach Chi to your nutritional regimen would be likened to keeping that engine maintained for optimal utilization of its Horse Power.

Stomach Chi is the most important formula in our herbal fleet. It stands out because of its ability to boost the performance of the others. It provides those formulas with the Stomach Qi necessary for carrying out their purpose.

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