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Cold Snap Revisited: Dispelling the Myth

Cold Snap


Cold Snap is not only for cold & flu season!

At the time of this writing, there are numerous wildfires in our home state of Colorado with the Spring Fire having reached over 80,000 acres. All Coloradans know that this brings about a whole new level of respiratory distress. The combination of increased temperatures, an arid climate and increased particulates in the air from raging fires, pose challenges to our lungs every year.

At OHCO, we are particularly interested in preventative health care from the ancient Chinese medical point of view. Because it has a well documented 2000 + year history of theory and practice we pay close attention to its approach. One of the theories suggests that one should treat ailments one to two seasons before its expression. In other words, we must look to ensure proper health in anticipation of the winter cold and flu seasons during summer and fall. Protecting the lungs now is one of the most important things we can do to make sure they are strong when the viruses and bacteria rage during the winter months. The fires and air quality pose a direct threat to the lungs at a time when they are trying to build strength for the months ahead. They are working hard now, and unless they are properly supplemented, they will have to pay a difficult price later. 

A possible solution that we can offer in the face of this dilemma is to take what we call "The ColdSnap Challenge". Consider adding ColdSnap to your daily supplement regimen every day. We suggest 2 capsules twice a day until winter arrives. Then, during cold and flu season, increase the dose when you feel you've been exposed to "unwanted guests". At that time, using the powder version is most efficient, though keeping ColdSnap capsules with you at all times is ideal. The quicker ColdSnap is taken when exposed, the faster you can kick that intruder out. You may also want to periodically add a boost of Stomach Chi to your efforts. (For more info, read our blog on Stomach Chi Formula).

Preventative health care works when integrated accordingly. Protecting your Lungs everyday, will pay off in a strong immune system when you need it the most!

Jaya Vijayi Bhava: May You Always Be Victorious The Epic Boulder Way!